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Analyse DOC documents and eliminate personal information


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When you create a document on Microsoft Word not only are you editing the visible content, but you are also modifying the information regarding the author of that document, company, date of creation, date of last modification, total editing time, etc.

If for any reason you don’t want anybody to access this information that Word saves on its own account, you can use Doc Scrubber, a completely free program that´s in charge of analyzing these details and also allows you to modify or eliminate them if you think it fits.

This application is quite recommendable when, for example, we want to share a document with our work colleagues or even more so if we want to upload it to our blog so other users can download it. A simple analysis by Doc Scrubber doesn’t cost a thing, doesn’t take any time and can reveal us hidden information we might not want to make public.

Doc Scrubber allows you to analyze and modify documents individually, as well as working with all the documents in the same folder at the same time.

As we were saying, Doc Scrubber is totally free and is really worth it if Word is a tool you use frequently.
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